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here's another logo I've been working and will present it to the client next week. This is tricky one. The name of the company is called GRUPO REPOLHO. It's the portuguese name for "cabbage group" where repolho is the family name of the owners. The company is a big group of transportation, construction, machine rental and landscape/nature recovery related.

On my first ideas I realized the logo needed a "motion" look like a wheel (machine rental also added this wheel idea). Now the name REPOLHO (cabbage) was also a starting point, altough it's a kind of strange name for a company like this.

So the task was to do a cabbage brand that has some motion and that looks cool. I came out with a logo that I personally like a lot, and I'm showing it here for your advises on the type/font i should use along it.

1. Here's a photo of a repolho :-)

2. Here's what I got after several sketches.

3. A preview on the cards, I'm thinking on having the logo "embossed" on the papper, so the back of the card has the brand on papper with the negative emboss simmulated by the tint color...

The font I used is Adobe Myriad Pro which falls under the "Overused fonts". Anyone has a suggestion on a typeface that match the mood of the brand/icon? Thanks in advance.

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very good adriano

i find the sinthesis of the repolho is great(and kinf of machinery), but i would be carefull with the blank spaces on the perimeter leaves, y think is too thin and at small sizes specially embossed it wont have the definition that requires.

well done

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very nice Adriano!!:-)

as I can imagine this being used on everything from business cards to large trucks or billboards, you may have to create different versions for use at different sizes and for different printing methods which is okay IMHO. I also really like the green.

Really good work imho.


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(I don't see Myriad here, rather Helvetica or Arial.)

A contrasted Sans, to fit with the forms of your image. Or something with some angles and dynamics.

To illustrate my point, see:
Shaker from Jeremy Tankard, Vesta from Gerard Unger, Le Monde Sans by me.

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... Ok, I've placed the Helvetiva Neue version instead of the myriad :-) Jean is correct, as always. I'll try those you sugested. More type sugestions? Thanks for all the feedback!

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Hi again. Jean P., could you please write the words repolho on your Le Monde font so that I could see the result? No need for a big quality gif, just for visual reference. Those fonts are not on any testdrive I know and so it's difficult to see how they will work out. Thanks.

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The company is a big group of transportation, construction, machine rental and landscape/nature recovery related.

Unless the client really wants to stress the latter aspects of their business, your logo might be a bit too organic looking. Perhaps you could try the same shape only more regularised? Or, perhaps you could provide two versions of the same form, for use by different businesses within the Grupo Repolho: so they could have a more mechanical looking version for their transport and machine rental and a more organic version for use with their more environmental businesses.

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here after what you ask for:

Hope it help. When I look to them, yes, I agree with what John say, little bit not enough constructed logo and LMS bit not enough angular. But its sometimes, question of time. Need to live with the type to really see if it work.

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Would it be appropriate to make your veg look more like a cog (from a wheel or machine)? Yesterday, my instinct was to get rid of the tiny bits of white around the edges and make the center less regular.

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What about the pentagon? nuts are hexagonal

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Two more type suggestions with a more constructed look:
CP-company by Fabrizio Schiavi (
Corpid Sans by Lucas de Groot (LucasFonts)
Repolho in CP-CompanyRepolho in Corpid Sans

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Nice ones, thanks for your time. I've tried 2 more types, Frutiger next and FF Advert.

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just an idea:
what about a version of the logo based on the structure of a cabbage? Which looks a bit like a repeating form (based on the golden proportion)(fibonacci).

i made some very quick sketches.

-- jacques


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I like it, but would maybe suggest doing a version that is a bit more free-form (less geometric).

Or maybe more geometric/linear. Maybe it's just that you're somewhat in the middle right now. Sort of geometric, sort of organic...just some thoughts.

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I really like Adriano's cabbage logo as it is.


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Nuts are hexagonal, but plants and other natural formations most often display symmetry based on integers in the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... this is the reason so many flowers have five or eight petals. It also applies to artichokes, pineapples, and general branching rules in plants.

I also think the cabbage logo is fine as it is. In fact, I'd say it's brilliant.

I would also go with a serif font instead (but I must confess I generally dislike any sans.) Perhaps you should consider a family with an incised weight to harmonize with the "incised" highlights on the outer cabbage leaves. Either way, something more organic-looking.

Perhaps something by Akira Kobayashi would do. Or Highlander or Kallos. For some reason I'm too lazy to look beyond recent ITC stuff right now, but those are solid designs.

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Hmm. A couple thoughts. --- Maybe you throw in some italic? Maybe the cabbage is turning in the wrong direction? I flopped it giving it forward motion. Maybe there are too many fiddly bits? --- Just thoughts. Conceptually it is very strong.

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It's a nice idea, Tiffany, but I think the addition of italic type adds a "third dynamic" - I'm not sure how else to describe it - that weakens the design overall.

Even having Grupo and Repolho in different colours threatens to do this, but the larger Repolho in green helps balance the design.

Adriano's original design at the top seems to have the most poise (type choices aside). It reminds me a lot of the BP logo. The business cards are perfect, too, with the olive colour keeping the emphasis on the logo.


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> The company is a big group of transportation, construction, machine rental and landscape/nature recovery related.

Then I'm thinking it would be nice if your logo could combine the following: nesting (cabbage), turning (machines) and recycling. Like one of those recycling logos with perpetual arrow-like thingies, and with depth/layers? You know what I'm getting at?


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Adriano - did you find a type solution on this one?

Perhaps you could create a custom corporate
typeface that embodied the traits of the company
without shouting 'off-the-shelf corporate typeface'...

the cabbage as a wheel of a machine is clever and
nicely done.


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Hi there,

I'll pick up this work next week. I'll keep you posted on the progressions. Too much work, no time to do it all :-)

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Tiffany, I like your first simplified logotype, seems obvious now. :-)

Typeface don't fit, to soft forms for my eyes. Italic don't give enough statut to the brand, despite it give some dynamics.

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Yes. It isn't crisp and sharp enough, at least not to match the mark.

Looking at it again Adriano. The mark has such strong possibilities. Meaning it can stand on its own. I might consider treating the mark and text as separate enitities. Not try fit the type around the mark.

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Hello Adriano,

First of all I would like to say I like the logo.
But second I have to say I agree with John Hudson. The logo works for me too much as 'healthy', 'reform', 'nature', etc.
You can use the gag of designing the logo for a mechanical company like that in a very 'nature shop'-kind of way. But if you do that, the typography is very important.
You have to remember that it is a mechanical company. Maybe a straight forward kind of typo is better. Helvetica sounds good to me.

Perhaps changing the colour is a help. You could do that for the differtent specialities within the company, thereby creating sub-logos. At least you take the edge of the 'nature-look'.


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i think your logotype is great.

the sole purpose of this contribution is to revive the thread:-) perhaps this face would have more mechanical connotations? excuse the appauling spacing. i have used tiffany's simplified repolho.

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uwc clarendon medium, right? nice one.

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maybe [ef] praxis or [lt] frutiger next harmonize better with the clean and stylized repulho, but clarendon sure looks "mechanical". i also like tiffany's suggestion, although i don't recognize that font at the moment (give me a hint, please, i seem to be too tired ATM)...

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did i write repulho? i sure am tired.

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