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1) Tottenham Hotspur rule OK!

The new identity of the London football club Tottenham Hotspur was
recently unveiled. As part of the identity update the cockerel was redrawn
and a display typeface designed by Dalton Maag.

More: http://www.daltonmaag.com/news/35.html#s1

1) Die Tottenham Hotspur kommen!

Die neue Identität des Londoner Fussballclubs Tottenham Hotspur wurde
kürzlich vorgestellt. Als Teil des neuen Aufrittes wurde auch der Gockel
im Logo neu gestaltet; die Display-Schrift wurde dabei von Dalton Maag

Mehr: http://www.daltonmaag.com/news/35.html#s1

2) Möbel Pfister becomes Pfister

You may have been quite surprised by some full-page adverts in Swiss daily
newspapers: the well established and traditional Möbelhaus Pfister has
created some impact with its new look. The new visual identity was
developed by Külling & Partner, Zurich.

More: http://www.daltonmaag.com/news/35.html#s2

2) Möbel Pfister wird Pfister

Wer in den vergangenen Wochen die ganzseitigen Anzeigen in den Schweizer
Tageszeitungen beachtete, kam aus dem Staunen nicht mehr heraus: Das
altehrwürdige Möbelhaus Pfister setzte sich wirkungsvoll mit seinem neuen
Outfit in Szene. Die neue Identity wurde von Külling & Partner, Zürich,
erarbeitet. Was aber alles dazu gehört, ein Unternehmen wie Pfister
(bleiben wir beim neuen Namen) zu einem neuen Gewand zu führen, das lässt
sich nur erahnen.

Mehr: http://www.daltonmaag.com/news/35.html#s2

3) Dalton Maag font updates

Dalton Maag is updating its font library with new standard character sets,
fonts and typefaces. Co, Plume, Royalty and Fargo are the first to be
updated and are available as of now. Customers who have already purchased
Co will be eligible for a free update of the fonts.

More: http://www.daltonmaag.com/news/35.html#s3

3) Font Updates von Dalton Maag

Dalton Maag ist zur Zeit daran, die gesamte Bibliothek der Schriften mit
neuen Standards auszurüsten. Co, Plume, Royalty und Fargo sind die ersten
zur Verfügung stehenden Updates. Kunden, welche Co bereits besitzen,
werden mit einem Gratis-Update ausgerüstet.

Mehr: http://www.daltonmaag.com/news/35.html#s3

G T's picture

They still suck! Come on West Ham! Down with Spurs!


bruno_maag's picture

I don't care. I support the Palace!


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As I recall Vinnie is a Spurs fan - was this a factor in getting the job?

Cheers, Si

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As ATypI Country delegate for the USA I've rewritten the announcement for the American audience...

Spurs scores with DM font
London, SW9 - 13 March 2006
Vincent Connare's favorite English pro-league soccer franchise Tottenham Hotspur have just unveiled a redrawn rooster and custom font designed by chirpy Londoners Dalton Maag. Lets hope this 'spurs' them on to gold in this year's world cup! More details...


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Hi sii,

thanks for that. Sounds good. Yes, Vinnie is a Spurs supporter.
Note that Dalton Maag also designed the fonts that are on the Puma kits of the Italian away kit, and will probably find more exposure during the world cup.

Speaking of which, I'll be going to see Italy vs USA on the 17. June. :)

Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

Si_Daniels's picture

Cool, I'll add a note. Hopefully the Italy fonts will be better recieved than some of the Nike kit fonts.

> I’ll be going to see Italy vs USA on the 17. June. :)

Who will you be cheering for? ;-)


bruno_maag's picture

Not sure yet. Depends who the crowd are around me. :-)
I'll probably end up making crass remarks about both teams, antagonising everyone in the stadium.

Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

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Italy vs USA on the 17. June

The Americans are going to whomp some major Italian aß.

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you can change your country but you can't change your team! Gummmon you Spurs!!!

Italia Italia Italia, Azzurri!!!!!
(is that the kind of team the USA is going to bring to Germany? the one that showed up in Dortmund?, best of luck).

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