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This is rather high-concept, some might even say high camp, but I think the potential demand for it is easy to see. Pokeresque is a typeface constructed from card suits.

I'm not sure how I'm going to do the numerals: make them in a similar style, or emulate the numerals on standard playing cards? Currency symbols are a related dilemma.

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Well no one replied, but i liked it.

do you think it would be possible to make 4 fonts? - each based on a single suite. Although i imagine this would be extremely difficult, it would make the whole thing a bit more consistant which was one problem i felt it had.

apologies for the terrible grammer of the above, it is late and i haven't the brain power to work out how to phrase it all.

good luck.


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Thanks, Graham.

Well, there's not much of any way to differentiate spades from hearts, as some letters require the stem, and other letters require its absence. And most letters just really blow when made from clubs. So I'd say it's unlikely. But I realize it wouldn't hurt to supply as many alternates as I can.

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Well, make a typeface from card suits is a big type challenge. The structures that you take as a reference restrict some shapes and make some characters difficult to recognize.

One first hint is trying to use the card suits only as a real reference and keep the basic forms of the letters instead of force the shapes to fit in spades or hearts structure. It’s will help you to solve some legibility’s problems like in the "U", "f", "g", "r" and "t". The second hint is finding a way to improve the similarities between the characters. The "E","F", "N" and "X" doesn't look familiar with the "A", "B", "C", "D", "M", "V", "Q", "R", "V" and "W".

Keep working, you will find the way. ;-)

good lucky


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Very clever.

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