Garamond & Condensed sans

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I need to find a condensed sans that works reasonably well with Adobe Garamond. The sans face will be used in small size (about 6 to 7 points) inside a CD cover booklet so legibility and line length is an issue.

I like Storm's Sebastian, but it's too wide.

Any suggestions?

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I have no idea what Sebastian looks like, but Univers Condensed may be a good choice.

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Did you look at Storm's Dyna Grotesk?

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More important than the fact that you're using Garamond is the theme of the design and its audience. Tell us more about the CD.

That said: FF Quadraat Sans Condensed

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I haven't studied the music too deeply because I have quite strict guidelines how to lay out the booklet; it has to look like a previously published song book - same graphics and all. So, almost no real creativity is allowed.

The song book featured Adobe Garamond for both titles and lyrics, but now I have to cram the same texts in a cd booklet and need a suitable sans typeface to that.

My staple choice News Gothic just didn't feel right for the job.

Stephen, FF Quadraat Condensed looks definitely interesting, the shapes and proportions have a "garamond feel". What worries me is that the regular weight looks a bit dark on the screen, considering it's going to be printed in a very tiny size (The booklet is propably printed on a coated stock, that of course helps a bit)

Tiffany, I don't know how I forgot DynaGrotesk, I have it even installed on my computer... I have to run some tests.

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I have found that Swiss 721 Regular works nicely with AGaramond.

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Syntax might work...


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Stalemate have worked fine in smaller sizes. Maybe worth a try?

Good luck anyway!

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