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I am a sophmore at Winthrop University in South Carolina studying graphic design.

I wanted to see who else on typophile is still in school?


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I'm a lurker; I've never posted, but I love watching everyone here in action.

And I'm still in school -- I'm a senior in a small public New England high school. I've never taken a class in graphic design or anything of the sort, so I can't remember quite why I fell in love with fonts, but I certainly have.

-- Liana

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And that's your actual last name?! Heavy.


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Here, graphic design student doing the homework.

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Right here..... trying to encode in opentype. college sophmore

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Drew- I am still in school, and possibly will just end up making a career of it.

Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, Vancouver BC


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Me, Hrant? No -- it's an old Internet alias of mine, from another fandom. I created it when I was about twelve, in a fandom where such names were the style. I never meant to keep using it, but it blurred with icons, which blurred with typography.

I'm a bit embarrassed at my presumption whenever I think of the supposed surname, so I tend to go by just Liana. Problem is, as soon as I register with that, about a dozen more Lianas pop up -- it's not a dreadfully uncommon name.

I'm reluctant to relinquish the Goldenquill, though -- I suppose it does tend to stick in one's head, and I'd hate to start over again with a new name now.

-- Liana

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Goldenquill is a beautiful name. I wouldn't want to part with it either.

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Me too. I am a student in New Zealand. About to graduate and bail outta here. I would stay, but the type
classes have neither enough scope nor enough depth.

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2nd Year graphic design student at the Ontario College of Art & Design, and I am slowly becoming a typophile
I've been lurking for a while, It's a great forum.

I think there should be a student group, I am interested in designing typefaces, but I feel embaressed asking basic questions among professionals

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2nd year OCAD also.

Unfortunately, someone decided this year that our
History + Evolution of Typography course should
consist of viewing slides and lectures instead of a
studio course of drawing and cutting out actual letter
forms. No way to learn type IMO.

Typophile has always provided a great resource.

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Christian, the studio typography course is next semestre.
However I agree, there is only so much you can learn in a lecture with no hands on teaching.

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Hey, there are some other students here!

Senior at UMBC. Graphic design major. If anyone's seen or heard of the "Typographically Speaking" exhibition of Matthew Carter's work roaming around the US, that came out of my school (one of my professors worked on it).

I love the forums here, but my knowledge is still pretty limited, so I'm just a lurker.

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MIchael - I wouldn't feel embarrassed asking "basic
questions" at all. You are still essentially anonymous in
these forums...the beauty of the web. I haven't
witnessed anyone ridiculed for asking any basic
questions. I fact, I reckon the vet's love answering
questions. Most people feel good about helping!

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So how many semesters of typography does your design study program has? How are they oriented?(history, edition, design, etc)

Mine has none, we studied type on the fifth semester, as part of the "Editorial Design" course. Very dissapointing of course.

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I swear I only pushed the button once !

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We have a 3 year degree. We have, in all, 4 semesters
of "typography". It is taught in a bizarre manner. We
only have one (final) semester of "type design", but that
also includes type history and classification. In one
whole 16 week semester, including holidays. Up until
then it is just learning composition. I think it is a silly
way of teaching, because to learn the history,
classification, and design in one semester is too late
and not enough. It isn't really enough to foster a
broad, cohesive knowledge of type and typography.
And our tutors seem to actively encourage font piracy,
and get quite shirty when I ask whether they paid for
their fonts.

Does anyone have any tutors who encourage ethics
in type?

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Does anyone have any tutors who encourage ethics
in type?

Yes. Me!

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Many people at my school are uneducated about type ethics, and there's a good ammont of font piracy that goes on behind the scenes. My professor's don't LIKE it, but they don't really make it a point to discourage it, they just seem to pretend it doesn't exist.

Most people I know "do not see the value" (their words, not mine) in paying $150 for a font file that's less than 1mb. In most cases, there's no advantage in paying for a font licence opposed to just copying a file off a computer. Ethics? These people do not CARE about ethics, most of them are broke and are just trying to get through school.

If you think about it, there really isn't any kind of reward for purchasing fonts legimately.

Fonts not copy protected, and have no serial numbers/keys (like when buying photoshop, quark, etc). Many younger students in the program don't even realize fonts/font licences have to be PURCHASED.

Typographers complain about font piracy, but foundaries have done little to stop it, or promote ethical behavior.

That's my opinion anyway.

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>>If you think about it, there really isn't any kind of reward for purchasing fonts legimately.

This is a strange thing to say.
is there ever any reward for purchasing anything

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Yeah, I worded that a little awkwardly.

What i mean is, for students, there's no positive renforcement for purchasing font licences vs. piracy.

If i buy illustrator or freehand legitimately, I get a manual, installation CDs, etc. I can use my serial number to register and recieve updates, techincal support, etc. People who have pirated copies don't get these materials.

Granted, purchasing a type family is different than purchasing software . . . hmm, now that i think about it that statement of mine IS really ambiguous. I appologize. When I think of a better explanation, I'll post it.

sorry :-(

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2nd yr. graphic design student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, only one typography course is offered here and I haven

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I'm a senior graphic design student at Edinboro.

I learned about Typophile when Richard Kegler visited EUP last week as a guest speaker (he was wearing a tee shirt).

Emir - In Typography you'll learn to use type effectively, but typeface design isn't in the curriculum. I'm taking an Independent Study in font design with Bob C. this semester.

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Sounds like a good idea for a Special Interest Group.

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