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I'm looking for a hairline typeface, around the weight of helvetica ultra-light, but perhaps a little less instantly recognisable (helvetica light just says Marks and Spencers to me!) I've had a look at meta hairline and interstate hairline- if anyone can point me in the direction of any others i'd be really greatful.



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Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson


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Lineare Sans Thin it's another choice. Follow this link and see, if you like.

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The thinnest of the thin is Luc[as] de Groot's Taz, but it might be a little condensed for your needs:

Joshua Darden has just released an expanded version of his "Omnes" family, with a very thin thin:

My own Galaxie Polaris Light or Apex New Thin are probably not light enough and too condensed, respectively, for your needs. And besides, what kind of person sells their own fonts on Typophile? A salesman, I guess...

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Omnes Hairline from Joshua Darden. There are now italics too!!

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Tiff, I beat you by 2 minutes! ;-)

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Fedra Sans Display 1 if you like ligatures

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There is a very thin Bodoni Egyptian Thin by fellow Typophile Nick Shynn. Could be just the one to use, once you decide to drop the sans-requirement…

Available from FontHaus.

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Peter Bil'ak is building himself a massive hyper-family with Fedra, adding more-and-more bit-by-bit. It's an impressive undertaking, and I commend him on his dilligence and patience and skill.

This is totally off-topic, but since Jackson brought it up, I thought I'd chime in. Sorry.

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This has been discussed twice before with some good suggestions:
Alternatives to Helvetica Ultra Light
Very Thin Fonts

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Thanks Bert.
I also have Preface Thin, and somewhat looser, Fontesque Sans Thin, and Handsome Pro Thin (OpenType cursive script)

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There is a very thin (display) version of Neutraface at House Industries:

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Precious Sans light and thin by Nick Cooke, beautiful typeface.

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Thanks R, Nubian Thin is also positively skeletal.

Nick Cooke

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Check out Archer. Its not a Sans Serif typeface but i don't think you've mentioned that your looking for anything in particular.


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