(x) 2 'retro-flavoured' fonts used by industrial organic - Motter Ombra, Octopuss {Dav, Stephen}

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hope someone can help me id'ing these 2 fonts used by industrial-organic.

Thanks in advance,


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'Russian Ladies' = 'Ombra', by Othmar Motter.


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'Goddammit' = 'Octopuss', by Colin Brignall.

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Dav & Stephen,

thank you for the ids - much appreciated.

Too bad that Ombra hasn't been digitised yet.

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Pssst: If you would have taken a closer look at industrial-organic.net, which I just did, you would have noticed that Justin Kay actually 'created' a digital version of 'Ombra', but that one may not have been authorised and therefore not available.

( But, as it says on the site, Some of the pre digital Motter types may be available in the future by / from his sons ( ? ), at www.motter.at. )


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