And the oscar goes to...

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i'm always a fan of the oscars.

And i was wondering what you guys thought of that broadcast design used this year. The presentation of categories animation were really nice i thought, all black and grey.

And the hole screen above the stage that presented the categories and presenters.

I was just feeling that the whole thing had a bit more class than last year with some very loud colors.

Your turn


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i'd like to nominate Morris Fuller Benton for Best Type Face Used in the Oscar Titles…
(…it was Franklin Gothic, right?)

i compeltely agree. i liked the way they cropped the type during the animations.
simple, black and white, no crappy effects. it was quite nice!


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In spite of the (happy for me) fact that they used one of my fonts rather prominently on last year's show, I thought the overall look this year was an improvement. Except for that Crash musical number. That was bizarre.

And, yes, that was Franklin Gothic Condensed up there. Not quite sure if it was the original or the ITC version. My gut says ITC, but I'd have to look more closely.

(To top it off, my cousin nabbed a statue this year.)

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Who's your cousin?

* * * * *
Today is International Women's Day. Hey, be nice to your wife/girlfriend. Everyday.

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Eric Simonson. He won for best documentary short.

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Except for that Crash musical number. That was bizarre.

No stranger than the Number from Hustle & Flow! (It's hard out here for a pimp) >^P

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Eric Simonson

Does that mean your dad and his brother were both named Simon? :-)

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