(x) 3D sketched Franklin Gothic - SantoDomingo - DeChile {Sebastian}

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Looking for some more help guys/gals. Can anyone ID this font. Sorry for it being so small.


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I think your thread title tells the story: this appears to be hand-drawn lettering, loosely based on Franklin Gothic Bold.

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Actually it could be a font, the sample size is small but the characters appear to match.

Woodcutter, Block Dog and Blockhead have similar looks.

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pattyfab.. I agree with you.. the characters appear to match thats why I came to you guys.

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Of course - as I pointed out in an earlier thread - when creating custom lettering you can copy and paste the letters, so it is hard to tell.

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This is a freeware font if I'm not mistaken. I've seen it before -- the only problem will be finding where.

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You might try http://typeindex.org/ and use their characteristic/stylistic search.

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I had the same thought as Yves but couldn't find anything close on Dafont.

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Thanks guys for all the effort.. I'll keep looking too. Let me know if you come up with anything. Thanks again.

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Yeah, looks like a font to me. There are a ton of these sketched 3D fonts on the free market. Also, FF Bokka.

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There were some on Building Letters but I've just checked them and can't find a match.

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This is SantoDomingo - DeChile © Pablo Ravolo

Which used to be published by FontShop International, by can't find it in their catalog anymore...

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Fuse 13. Brilliant catch, Sebastian! :^)

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I hang my head in shame.

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Me too BTW. ;^P

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That's Effin' brilliant. Congrats Sebastian!

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WOW, great find Sebastian! I noted the link above but was unable to find a way to purchase it. Do any of you know where I might purchase that font?

Nevermind.. found it... you have to call. $59.99 per series. I wish I could find just that font.

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