Fitness Logo - critiques welcome and wanted

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Hi, i need some help on this logo im doing for a Fitness club named Fit yourmind
The moto ive been sticking to is either the idea of fitting into a certain box which is "yourmind",
in other words, the ideia of working your body.
The other concept, the one used on both the 1st and the 2nd logo is the "mold" idea, stretching
your body applying movement to it in order to accomplish that same goal.

The Type has a light and condensed feel, and i think it fits ok into the fitness whole idea.

About the color, i'm gonna apply some light blue on both the logo and the word Fit.
Anyway, they'r still in gray scale.

Thanks in advance

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I'm getting an error you think maybe youy forgot to convert the image to RGB before saving it as a raster graphic?

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yeah, strange, it opens ok on my mac while using Safari, but i also get a problem when using IE on a pc.

gonna see what i can do, maybe post a gif instead.
thanks anyway

edit: ok i guess its fixed now, take a loot, and thanks once again

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I think it would be fair to say that at this stage your VI is heading in a very 'corporate' direction. Is this something that you are seeking?

You have some spacing issues which could be better resolved. The graphic in the first two ideations is floating and unattached to the type - there is a lack of unity forming here. Perhaps the type would fit better if the first line 'fityourmind' almost slotted into the concave side of the graphic. The spacing of 'fit' compared to 'yourmind' is also somewhat uneasy due to its spacing. I would remove the space after the word 'fit'.

The first option has somewhat more dynamics and horizontal movement making it feel slightly more energetic for a fitness trainer.

I don’t feel that the third option is working particularly well. It feels very static, and spatially the 'colour' of the negative and positive is unresolved.

I hope this feedback has not been too negative and that my thoughts are of assistance. Good luck.


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Hi -nic thanks for the feedback, yeah, the 3rd option i'm not even working much on. im rather goin to a composition similar to eiher the 1st or the 2nd.

The spacing can be fixed easily but I agree with you on the major problem here, the lack of unity bettwen the type and the graphic, and thats where i'd like some suggestions.

Thanks once again.

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I'm not sure what the shape is supposed to convey-- even if you don't want a real obvious metaphor (like a brain holding barbells! yeah, that's it!), it should say something about fitness both mental and physical, right? I'm not seeing that yet. And I agree about the type not working together with the shape. For the words "fit" and "mind," e.g., you might pick up in subtle ways on the lines or curves of the shape thingie.

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You need to review the concept of the name itself. It makes no sense, its like an inside joke. The shapes make no sense for a retail audience and the colors are dead. Try this, make Personal Training Solutions the main focus and make the name small like a subhead. That way the average consumer will know what the business is about and then the name. This would also allow you to make a mark that emphsises "personal"

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i have no idea what the name or concept really means, but that probably doesn't matter. I assume this is meant to be a hip fitness centered targetted at the 20/30 something professional crowd. If so, #1 seems to hit that vibe well.

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