Will a FontExplorer X user comment?

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I'm looking to find a software program to preview fonts that does not require the font to be loaded/activated. The trouble is I have had frequent crashes where the Suitcase database was lost along with all my sorts. Pleasure and pain. SOOO, TypoWiki says FontExplorer X works like iTunes.

1. Can you sort fonts within the application and have them change directories on the hard drive?

2. Does FontExplorer X preview fonts without activating?

3. Unfortunately I'm still on OS 10.2.8, Is there an older version that is compatable? OR, Must I scratch up the $50 and upgrade my OS R-I-G-H-T N-O-W! I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y! ETC.

Best, Christian

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FontExplorer also has to perform a "stealth" activation in order to preview a font. If the font doesn't work in one font manager, it's likely that it won't work in another. I suggest trying it.

If you're using 10.2.8, then you can't use FontExplorer, or for that matter Suitcase Fusion. Both Suitcase X1 and Fusion have corruption scanning/repair built in, but those features are not enabled by default.

A cheap, temporary workaround would be to try using the font in the system. Place the folder in /Users/(your username)/Library/Fonts/ and restart your applications. I would test the font carefully, since your previous problems have made it suspect. Unmodified fonts from reputable foundries rarely cause problems.
Other than that, I would highly recommend an update to Mac OS 10.4.

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Upgrade, Upgrade. Sadly no budget for it.

I think what I'll do is copy my Suitcase font sort to Word. Then I can check this against my hard drive. If I have a crash I can simply drag and drop the hard drive contents to restore the Suitcase database. And it would give me a hard copy of all my fonts.

Thanks for your comments,

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