very wide and bold stencil sans

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Please apologogize for the poor quality of the draft.
It is an "O" and surprysingly enough, I am looking for a font that look the same.

Thank you for your joyful help.


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Note : There is a gap in the middle that separate two half.

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There's Eurostile Bold Extended, but it's not quite as heavy as you need.

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I checked Mário Feliciano’s B-sides, but couldn't find anything amongst those.

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I found this logo "MCM"

After an intensive google search, I wasn't abble to find a font that may come from this design.

AAArrgh, I saw it once…

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I did found my needs at MyFonts. For the record, here are the links.
Thank you for your help.

Borg 9 from Larabie

Yonder Recoil from Larabie

Neuropolitical from Larabie

Senior Service from Larabie

No Clocks from Larabie

Rustproof Body from Larabie

Univox from Larabie

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Wow. Happy birthday, Ray Larabie!

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