Font taking on wrong identity

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I’m having issues with variations of a font within the same family not working. I have individual ttfs for all the different “versions” of the font, MrsEaves (MrsEavesRoman, MrsEavesItalic, MrsEavesAllSmallCaps, MrsEavesSmallCaps and MrsEavesPetiteCaps) MrsEavesSmallCaps, MrsEavesPetiteCaps and MrsEavesRoman take on the identity of MrsEavesItalic when previewed. Any idea why the other 2 would work fine but those 3 do not? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You should call Emigre. The only time I've come across a similar problem is when I was messing around with a font converting application to see if it really worked that easily.

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Indeed, the best thing to do is contact Emigre. Unless you haven't licensed the fonts, in which case you should run and hide. ;-)

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OpenType version of Mrs Eaves is available now from Emigre. And it's 50% off for an upgrade if you're a registered customer of the old version.

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Did you backup your original fonts? I would de-install them, then trash the corrupt ones, restart and reinstall the backup set.


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