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I've been doing a Newsletter for my Church for a while now but I need some constructive criticism of how it looks.

Sometimes I don't know what font to use and I think I'm using too many. If you guys could provide some input and suggestions I would really appreciate it. Anything helps I what to really improve it for the month of April. One of the challenges is that it has to be bi-lingual so it's kinda hard to do diferent layouts.

It's in pdf format this is the direct link:

I really want to improve my typography skill specialy since I found this site.

Thanks for your help

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The link to the PDF doesn't work.


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right sorry.

Didn't know it was broken
here ya go

click to download when it takes you to the yousendit page

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One piece of advice: I think you're right with the too many fonts idea. Try to cut down on all the different fonts - consistency doesn't have to be boring.

Even on the cover if you could take out one of the fonts and re-use one of the other ones, it would eliminate some of the clutter that is facing you in the rest of the project. You could also turn the March & April section into 2 columns and fill that space while opeing up the rest below for more white space.

And watch out for that white on yellow stuff, I can barely read it and that's on the computer, it won't get better when printed.


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Yeah I took note on the white on yellow. The crazy thing is I've done that before.

Anything else. I really want you guys to critique this thing like crazy. I rally feel the need to improve on a personal level.

About making two colums of the future events I thought of that but I wanted both March and April as sudheads and their weren't enough dates for April.

Any suggestions on the body text I should use or anything like that?

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This doesn't look to bad. The last church bulletin I saw was set in 100% papyrus. Blarg.

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For the Future Events section I'm using Ariel. Is there a better font I could use instead? I know a lot of people don't like it(I guess cause it's real common).

Also I use Ariel for that page then for all other body text on other pages I use Adobe Garomand Pro is that OK?


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The reason most people don't like it is because it's a MS knock-off of a solid sans, you may know. HELVETICA. MS decided they didn't want to pay menial licensing fees to use it, so they commissioned someone to make something nearly like it.

That being said, type should be designed for need, or specific use in the aesthetic realm. Getting around licensing fees isn't considered an aesthetic need,therefore it is considered weak. There is a bit of difference, the tops of the t's are chopped off, the leg of the R is different etc... I think part of has to do with overuse, I just prefer to use the real thing. Set a block of text in Arial and then in Helvetica, and see which reads better.

Garamond in good body text. I'd have to agree w/ Nick on the too many fonts end. Do you have any kind of budget in the printing dept. you could talk into buying nice display family? I think if you get a nice modern sans with a bit more character that Arial/Helvetica.


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I switched everything that was Ariel to Myriad Pro. I think it looks much better. Also it has a lot of variations so I can use Myriad Pro and Adobe Garamond Pro for most of the Nesletter.

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