(x) Fat and groovy serif Supafly - Clarendon (stroked) {Tim D}

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I'm looking for this font or something like it. A fat groovy serif. It's a bit like Copper black, but not quite. Any suggestions?


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Whatever it may be, the original type ( hopefully ) doesnt look like that. :)
( A stroke / outline has been added. )

I would even consider 'Stilla', a 'fat groovy serif'.


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I think the font in the chalk outline is Clarendon.

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I don't thinks it's Clarendon, because on this sampled font all the serifs are rounded.

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Yves, You should credit Tim with the ID, not me, I just made a useless comment about an added stroke. :)

And Peter, The 'rounded serifs' may have gotten rounded because of the added strokes I previously mentioned.


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