MS Typography Page Celebrates 10 Years

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Three cheers to Simon Daniels who is celebrating his website's tenth anniversary this week. was created on Feb 27, 1996 and its news page is still (and now even more active than ever) the best place on the web to catch the various typographic bits and pieces we'd otherwise miss. As a parttime (and slacking) reporter of type news I know from firsthand experience that keeping the momentum going is a feat, let alone for ten years straight. My hat is off to Simon for his dedication. I am very impressed indeed.

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Me too. I think this site is one of the best informational and educational site ever put up on the web. That alone, without it's outstanding durability in a time when so many sites lag of pass out, makes it all the more of a great thing that Simon has done. Keep up the good!

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Like Ebert and Roeper...

Two thumbs way up!

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Hip Hip .. Hooray! Hip Hip .. Hooray! Hip Hip .. Hooray!

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Thanks Si! from all type freaks around the world.


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