(x) God of War - Georgia (customised) {Tom C}

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anybody recog. the typeface used in this popular videogame?

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Funny... I just traded the game in last week.
I'm also trying to contact game developers to see if they might be interested in coming to or even participating in TypeCon 2006. I think it's an industry that doing more custom screen fonts than many standard foundries nowadays.

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Geaorgia Bold with Fake Small Caps. Customized.

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Cannon46 - what are you basing that on? Seems like a stretch to me unless you have inside knowledge.

Pity about the prime marks instead of apostrophes! Hate seeing that.

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Wow, canon out of left field.

I don't know what it is, but Mason, Priori, or Saber would be much better.

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I really think it is Georgia. They have extended The stem of the P,R,M below the beaseline. They added the decorative serifs to the middle of the stems. I can't find one letter that doesn't match up. Stephen, your suggestions get the same look as the font they are looking for, but I strongly feel that they used Georgia then added the spurs (I don't know the right term).

Also, Georgia is a font used in low resolution situations. That's one of the reasons I went straight to it.

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It looks like Boston Truck Style to me.

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I have recreated the top line in Georgia. This is what I am basing it on.

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Ahah. I got you know. Very clever ID. There's a good chance also that this is a free font that started out as Georgia (naughty naughty).

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Does anyone know where to get this font as it is made from the game without having to customize it?

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Your best bet is going with what is suggested above by Stephen and Brad.

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