(x) Dream of the Rarebit Fiend - hand lettering by Winsor McCay {Mark S}

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Hi Typophilers, does anyone know the name of this typeface or something similar?
I keep wanting to say it's a font called "catherine" but having no luck on the search queries. I was also wondering if anyone had suggestions for a good big type-reference book to have. I have the 'encylopaedia of typefaces" by jaspert, one "the solotype catalog" and another called "the type specimen book."

thanks all.

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It's not a font--it's hand lettering by the comic artist Winsor McCay. You might find something generally similar (ITC Tiffany Heavy, LoType, ITC Benguiat Bold, or Greco come to mind), but you won't likely find an exact match.

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This looks like something Nick Curtis might've digitised. Maybe he has something similar in his collection of vintage faces.

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Thank you Mark + Bald Condensed. These are awesome! Nick's fonts are really charming. I'll have to spend time with them. I especially like Tiffany and Benguiat. Here's what I stumbled across in my quest, archive copperplate head, and partenkirchen NF. And these just look cool to me: savoy, Harlem Text, Johannes, tyrfing. I guess now it's time to draw.

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