(x) Maybe Knockout-HTF69-FullLiteweight - Railroad Gothic {Mark S}

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Knockout-HTF69-FullLiteweight, but not quite...

Any suggestions? Please.

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When was this printed?

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do you have a specimin that is not so warped?


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It's similar to Railroad Gothic.

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I ask the date because this looks pre-digital. Also similar are Bureau Grotesque One Seven and Three Seven.

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If you try Railroad Gothic out in Veer's Flont (online type tester) you'll see that, except for the crossbar on the A, it's quite close. (FontShop carries Linotype's version, but it's more different than the Red Rooster version.)

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Hello again and thanks everybody, I will continue with the project with Railroad Gothic, it´s so damn close to the original. Bureau Grotesque a good option too.

The original was made sometimes 99´and is a part of big (about 2x2 m) painting, I have a picture of it wich I´m using as artwork for an album cover. Wich explains why I needed the original typeface. So once again, thank you for your help and the fast replys. I´ll promise to post the cover as soon as it´s finished.

Damn it´s cold here in Finland, forget Siberia. BRRRR!!!

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