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As a precursor to March's Infoletter (which should reach your inbox around
13 March), we're appealing for your help. What we're offering is a
straight swap - you give us your opinions, and we'll give you a free font.

Everyone who completes our survey at http://www.daltonmaag.com/survey will
receive a 5-user licence to a fully-functional demonstration version of
InterFace Regular, our most popular font (registration is required to
receive the font, but as you already receive our Infoletter, you're
already registered with us). Plus, we'll also give 10% off any Dalton Maag
Exclusive font licences purchased made before the end of June 2006.

Dalton Maag Design Team

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Just completed the survey :)

On a different but related note, are there any other shops online that carry the Dalton Magg Font Book Collection? A couple months ago I was on the verge of buying this but didn't because I am a poor student and was in debt, but this reminded me of it and I was just about to put in an order to find out I have missed out as it is sold out.

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I just took your survey and have some comments.
There were some parts to the survey which were unclear to me. When you asked about what is legal in your country and what you would like to see in a EULA, you said, “use on all my computers” and “give to a service bureau.”
The problem is, you might answer one way if you have only one or two computers (less than 5) and another if you have dozens. Regarding “Give to a Service Bureau,” you might define this as embed in a file for output for your use or actually give them the complete set of font files. These are different actions but your questions don’t differentiate the possibilities. The answers you get may be far afield of your intention.
Would you please clarify?

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Bruno, good idea with the survey.
The only problem is "what's legal in your country": besides the
fact the almost nobody really knows, it depends on a given EULA
of course. Oh, and you might add "plain" to the choices for "what
do you think of our website"... :-)


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Guys, thanks for the comments to the survey. We debated the "what's legal in your country" question here, and are aware of what the EULA says. However, what we tried to find out is what users *think* is legal in their place of work - in other words their perception of legality.
When we ask about giving the font to a service bureau, we definitely mean to pass the actual font software, not embedding (although that alone could be an entire survey).
The "use on all my computers" again refers to a perception that people have about fonts. Some people think that if they spend a few Dollars/Euros/Rupees or whatever, they actually own the font, thus being able to do with it whatever they like. So, we are trying to find out what their thinking is.
The EULA questions we placed into the survey because we are working on changing ours. Our (hopefully honourable) intentions are to protect our work but also give the user flexibility in using our fonts.

I hope this clarifies some of your thoughts. And thanks for participating. I do appreciate your input.

Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

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Bruno, you know I am going to ask you for a copy of the answers you get regarding the EULA questions, right?

I agree with Chris, I expected to see something about embedding in that question. I would rather be able to embed into PDFs for proofs to my clients and final PDFs for the printer/bureau than be able to give a copy of the font to the printer/bureau.

"Which of the following do you think are legal in your country? (Choose all that apply)"

This question is quite vague. Do you mean it in regards to your DaMa EULA? I'm not quite sure how to answer as so many EULAs see it differently.

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Hi Tiff,
:-), I know!

Yes, maybe we should have put embedding in, too. However, as a company Dalton Maag has decided that all our fonts in the future will have Editable Embedding permitted. I think URW does the same.

I know the question is vague, but I don't necessarily want you to think of a EULA. We're after expectations. You may also find that some parts of EULAs are not even enforcable depending on local legislation. We want to find out what people *think* they can do, whether they've read the EULA or not, based on their rights/duties in their localities. What good is it to bang on about copyright protection if the local legislation does not even know the meaning of copyright?

Does that explain it?

Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

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Yes, that helps.

Can you send me the questions via e-mail? I didn't think of it until I was done, but I'd like to have a set. And, I will bug you for results later. :^) This is an excellent idea.

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Yes, I'll have my colleague Dave compile it for you. Give me a couple of days, though.


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No problem. Thanks!

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