ambigram tattoo

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I am about to get an ambigram tattoo which consists of my two daughters names, Kendall and Kylie. The names themselves are ambigrams and are stacked. So when you read it one way it says Kendall, Kylie. When you read it the other it says Kylie, Kendall. Before I committed to getting inked up, I figured I would see what my fellow typophiles think! Hope you like it!

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In terms of readability it works very well, there are some areas I would look at, like the terminals of the y's and just how far the ascender on the d has to go and still remain a d without resembling a p in the opposite direction, is the swash on the K of Kendall contributing, whether it is possible to make the part of the i of Kylie that swashes below it into a part of the y. Generally I would look at keeping a consistent stroke weight, comparing the a,e with the i,y. Tricky project, but getting there.

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