(x) Taryn Rose logo - Perpetua (customised) {Jonathan B}

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Dear signs79,

You are barraging us with a lot of mysterious type samples, sending some of us scurrying on hunts for these typefaces. You send them out with great rapidity, but no helpful information.

Where did these come from? How old are they? Do you have any other samples showing the same typefaces?

Please consider the amount of work you are having done for you, and see if there is anything you can do to make our searches easier. Don't you think that's a fair request?

- Mike Yanega

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By the way, this one is similar to Romic, but it's not identical.

- Mike Yanega

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They are just simply typefaces from design firms that I have been browsing on the internet. I don't know what a certain font is and it drives my nuts!!! I have the Indie Fonts book, T26, FF, and Hoefler catalogs and if I can't find it in those- I post it.

Thank you for your help.

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I think there's a high probability this is a custom designed logo.

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Signs - you could try asking the design firms themselves what fonts they use, most will probably be happy to help you.

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But then we won't have the TYPE ID forum to help us fill out the empty time in our lives. :^(

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Ahh too true. And Signs79 has been keeping us mighty busy lately.

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I have asked and I have never got a response to any email I have sent to a firm.

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> I have asked and I have never got a response to any email I have sent to a firm.

To Taryn Rose?

Custom logo.

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I mean firms that have a logo that I see that I want to know what font they used. I will send them an email and say I really like the logo and then ask if they wouldn't mind telling which typeface they used.

It's never worked. I gave up on that awhile back.

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I just read about this in an old STEP design mag on type. It is a VERY modified version of Perpetua Expert. I was JUST reading about it and then saw this forum. Crazy.


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I could see a resemblance to Perpetua when it was first posted (especially the R, but also the overall proportions), but I thought it was just my imagination.

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