(x) People Magazine fonts - Verlag Comp, Fenway {Marc O, Fabio}

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I've had a hard time IDing this for a friend. It's from People Magazine. It looks like Neuraface Condensed or Relay but its not. I realize it could be custom but I'm hoping for a simpler explanation. By the way, note the Georgia italic with the custom "y." Any help appreciated as always.

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The serif is very Fenway, the sans
is like Myriad Condensed Bold!

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The sans is Agenda from Font Bureau

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You are right. I thought it was Parkinson first. Hmm. Darnitallanyway.

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The sans is very similar to Gotham Condensed, could be a slightly customized version maybe?

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"Cairo", a True Type font will work. I created a very realistic mockup of a magazine cover by manipulating the individual letters in Photoshop (crunched the letters together, rasterized, created a stroke around each letter). This image is of the font without any manipulation.

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This image is of a font that is very lousy and poorly designed. This truly looks horrible. :^/

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The sans is Verlag Compressed Black from H&FJ.

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