Minion Pro/Minion Pro Condensed

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Um … I really like Minion Pro. I think it’s, like, the best font ever created. I think I got it with my InDesign CS2.

But I had a question …

How condensed is “Minion Pro Condensed” compared to just plain “Minion Pro.” (give me a percentage) I see “Minion Pro Condensed” a lot and I think it’s awesome. Plain Minion Pro is even more awesome.

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15% maybe

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Thanx Tiffany:

15% seems right on the mark. Possibly even 10%.

Any other ideas??

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Why not lay out a block of, say, 10 lines of random text in each and measure each line with a printer's ruler (or a millimeter ruler), then compute the percentages from the differences in length? Kind of labor intensive, but you'd get a pretty accurate percentage I bet.

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