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I use fontlab 4.5.1 on osx. I have a problem with the
preview window and the '@' glyph. Whenever I have
the @ glyph previewing, it shows whatever is in the
glyph window instead of what is actually in the cell.
Does anybody have a solution or have the same

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This is a feature. The @ sign is a wildcard, which shows the currently selected glyph. This is very useful because you can build a small set of preview strings to check any glyph in particular contexts, e.g. nn@nn and oo@oo for basic spacing tests.

If you need to display the @ sign in the preview window, use the convention /at . The slash is an escape character in preview strings after which you can identify a glyph by its name.

You can also use the convention \XXXX in which the variable is a Unicode character hex value.

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That's not a problem, that's a feature. That's what the @
character does in the preview panel. If you want to see the
@ character, and not what's in the glyph window, type "/at".
You can do this for any character that can't easily be typed
or can't be typed at all. Just type a slash followed by the
name of the character. You may need to type a space after
depending on what follows.

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Ahh. That makes sense. Thank you both!

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