type from Alvarez film

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This is from a Santiago Alvarez film. What is the typeface?

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Almost Impact, but it was designed in 1965. How old is the film?

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i believe 1979?

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what's the name of the movie? "Hora de los hornos" - if yes, the year is 1968

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El Tigre.

"Six years later in 1973, under similar material and time constraints, Alvarez would produce El Tigre in immediate response to the American-backed coup in Chile. The resulting film was Alvarez's most purely mournful, and one of his most devastating. Yet that film is virtually unknown while Hasta… remains one of Alvarez's most familiar works. "
(from http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/cteq/01/17/hasta.html)

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so it would be 1973. (not 1979 - sorry!)

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In the 60s, there were white clay letters very similar to those. They were often used in low budget film for titles. The clay letters were arranged on a black background and shot as film. Later, the title footage was burned into the live action scene for titles. I used the clay letters myself in film school many years ago.


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It could be Impact--it has been around since 1965.


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Oh, wait. I take that back--some of the characters look completely different. Never mind.

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