(x) Pride & Prejudice movie poster title - H&FJ Requiem {Alessandro (self), Patricia}

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Hi again, the display face on the sides of ‘&’ is not HF Requiem as I thought, is it a Bembo of some sort ?

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The ampersand is also Bernhard Modern.

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Is this movie a remake?


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Yes, it's a remake based on the same Jane Austen novel. The original was made in 1940.

That said, I haven't seen the latest. :)

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The Greer Garson one was the one I remember. There was also a TV (BBC?) version done about 10 years ago.
Thanks Geoff!


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I think it is Requiem, just with a horsey stroke added.

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> The ampersand is also Bernhard Modern.

We knew that... ;^P

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Yes. I didn't read his whole question. :^( My bad.

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