Need advice learning principles of Swiss typography

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Hi im a graphic design student. i have always been impressed with Swiss typopgraphy, does anyone know any resources or books that actually teach you how to get such good compositions and typographic layouts? i really want to learn, as I always strive for elegance in design, and i never really know where things "go" as such.

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[start with] - two major schools - about the Swiss design philosophy - one in Basel, the other in Zurich. Armin Hofmann typifies the former's approach, Josef Muller-Brockmann the latter's. and of course - Wolfgang Weingart (Basel) !!!

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You may need to pawn a limb to afford these. Just be sure it's not your drawing arm!

The Typographic Grid, Hans Rudolf Bosshard

Grid Systems in Graphic Design, Josef Müller-Brockmann

Typographie, Emil Ruder

My Way to Typography, Wolfgang Weingart

Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice, Armin Hofmann


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some of the books were at the library in uni.

thanks so much for the help.
yes, some of them are VERY expensive for my budget!

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