(x) Popwar skateboards logo - (similar to) Futura {Nick Curtis}

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Anyone have any clue on this? It's the green "Popwar" logo in the attached image. I'm thinking it could be part of the Futura family. Thanks in advance for any help.

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It's CLOSE to Futura Extrabold, but not quite; I suspect that it's handwork applied to the original font. Specific differences: the O appears to be perfectly round in the sample, whereas the same character in FEB is not quite. Likewise, the angles of the arms on the W and the A have been modified to fit differently from the original. Scaling the A 110% horizontally comes close to your sample, but both characters would need some fiddling to match it.

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The heaviest Futuras I know are E+F's Futura Extra Bold and Scangraphic's Futura SH Extra Bold which has a round O and no ink traps.

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what's up with this no counters trend anyway?

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No idea Paul, but I've been doing a lot of work for this DJ ( http://www.mylo.tv/mylo/ ) at work recently and I've been wondering the same thing myself.

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"what’s up with this no counters trend anyway?"

spray stencil aesthetic. at least it's moving away from explicit paintdrips & spraycan spittle artifacts.

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