[mag] BAK dergisi, Istanbul

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BAK is open to every artists or artist nominees. (Just to remind; we're reviewing the submissions before publishing. We received over 300 works this month and had to eliminate more than half of it.)
You've asked what our philosophy is.

Yes, we're considering a theme for each issue and announcing it on our web site. While people are sending their submissions about
the theme, I'm contacting respected artists and working on the interviews till the submission deadline.  If I think needed, I write some articles about the subject, then compile them all and publish.  This is the process.

Ozan Karakoç

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Interesting news, Alessandro. Is this a design magazine, or more fine art-related? Does it have anything to do with typography or type design? Are you involved with it editorially

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Thank you, glad to hear that. 'Bak' is a visual arts magazine, which includes graphic design (and typography of course), illustration, photography, paintings and original print works. So people can submit their typographic works or visual arts related articles about the theme of the issue, too. There is lack of typography in Bak for now and we hope talented typographers will submit their works for the future issues. Yes, we started a collaboration.

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