(x) Diderot's Encyclopédie

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Does anyone know the face in which Diderot's Encyclopédie was set, and if it has been digitalized?

Many thanks,


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Can you show us a sample? That's a pretty obscure tome for most people to have lying around.

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Is this what you mean?

- Lex

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Yes, that's the one. Thanks, Lex.

Sorry, Patty. I guess it was naive of me but I actually did think that someone would know this off the top of her head. I even had a sample page on hand that I could have posted with my question, and I likely spent more time deciding not to post it than I would have spent posting it. In retrospect, I must have reasoned my assumption from the principle: The object of my immediate concern must necessarily be the center of the universe for everyone…which is really just too embarrassing to think about.



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I'm afraid the title page is not going to be the best way to say what the book was set in. It looks to me like there is more than one typeface on the title page, and often titling faces are not the same as the text faces used inside the book. Do you have a sample page with text, or were you asking what was on the title page?

- Mike Yanega

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A larger scan would help too if you have one.

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I was googling for a better sample and the one I found was already already on typophile...along with an in depth discussion of the subject I was asking about. My lucky day!


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