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Hi people!

I’m new here, and I think someone can help me. So, let´s go to the problem:
I study Environmental Engineering in Brazil (my native language is Portuguese, so sorry about any English mistake) and I tried to, at the beginning of the course, create a logo for the course. The first try resulted in:

This was a very bad logo, I know… and everybody, all my friends said that too! ;)

So, I have decided to improve the logo, and then:

Although better then the first, I wasn´t completely satisfied. People criticised about the hand of 4 fingers! LOL! Then, finally I did another logo, now with 5 fingers and some more modifications and variations (see attachments to enlarge and see better the hand´s details):

And here is the final Logo with some lights and shadow effects:

But, the problem is that, this new hands with 5 fingers didn´t satisfy my college friends! They told that the hand looks like a monster hand! I'm not professional, and my artistic ability isn´t enought to draw a realistic hand.

So, I come here with the hope that someone could help me with this hand, and any other suggestion about my logo. I don´t know if is necessary the logo in vetorial format here to you make changes… I can share here the file in CorelDraw format if necessary.

Thanks to all that help!!!

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You should have the USP follow the same curve as the rest of the copy above it and below. Right know it feels as if the U and P are skewed in oppisite directions. You could also give it a little letter spacing to the letters to fill out the area.

As for the hand maybe you can be simplier with it. Treat it as an icon like you did with the water, sun & nature symbols. I feel like you are trying to draw a realistic hand, which is something that is just plain hard to do. I think that the bumps on the fingers take away more then it is giving.

Also I like the black and white version better then the color version. One key thing to remember when designing a logo is that it needs to work first in black and white before color should be applied. When you design in black and white, which is a designers purest form, mistakes will appear that color will hide.

I hope this was helpful, and good luck.

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I think you are fitting a lot of information into the logo, and as Joseph notes hands (and feet) are notoriously difficult to draw, I like the simplicity of the first revise, a kind of Matisse cut paper feel to it, try taking the form of that representation but instead of showing the fingers separated join them together into one block (keeping the thumb separate) with four curves as finger tips (kind of like this, this is not of your style but gives a hint).
One of the most important considerations when designing a logo is that it should be usable in any number of situations (I realise your logo has a narrow use but the principle is the same) to that end it has to be possible to use it at a small size so in many ways the simpler the better, I would avoid using the dropshadow and gradation, to keep the potential use to a wide range of possibilities.

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Simplify the logo you have to many things happening and nothing is dominate. First loose the sun and waves they are not needed they don't add anything. Just use a hand shape with the fingers together and knock out the leaf shape, from the hand shape. Don't make the hand follow the curve. Loose all the photoshop effects they don't add anything to the look. Joseph is correct about the USP type.

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