Copinger and Skone James on Copyright

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While doing other legal research, I came across the case "Masson, Seeley & Co., Ltd. v. Embosotype Manufacturing Co.", (1924) 41 R.P.C. 160 [1923-28] Macg.Cop.Cas. 99, mentioned in "Copinger and Skone James on Copyright". According to this case based on the 1911 Copyright Act and dealing with a catalog of type, it would be illegal to depict fonts as it is done in books on typography and at various typographic websites. In my opinion, this old decision was a misjudgement, inasmuch as the court held that an alphabet of type, though it has no meaning in language, is a "literary work". If this were so, then any font depicted at Typophile, e.g. as attachment to postings, would constitute a copyright infringement of a "literary work".

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> the case “Masson, Seeley & Co., Ltd. v. Embosotype Manufacturing Co.”, (1924) 41 R.P.C.

The case was in United Kingdom.

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