(x) Pirate Girl informal slab serif - Iron Man {Mike F}

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hello, I'm new here. I've looked everywhere, well not everywhere or I'ld have it.

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Handlettered. The I's and R's don't match each other.

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The image in the post is v. poor; in the gif, however, it does appear to be a typeface...

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bad example. scanned off a shirt. the second GIF is the accurate one.

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That would appear to be jakob Fischer's Iron Man. Squeezed.

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thank you very much. I guess nothing is to difficult for this forum. i'm glad i joined.

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Sorry if this is off topic I am a new user. I can't seem to be able to start a new topic. At the bottom of the forum it says log-in to post a new topic. But I am obviously logged in since I am able to post replies. I just can't figure it out how to start a new topic. Please help.

NEVER MIND!!! My Cookies where off!!!!

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