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Hi there,

I'm new around here, and I've quickly become addicted; the help and suggestions i've been reading seem great! -- I've recently decided to have a crack at doing some freelance work in and around the city i live; I've got a couple of qualifications up my sleeve, one on the computer side of things, the other on the media-publishing. I'm intending on specializing in doing websites, posters and flyers for local bands or the general music scene in the city, but at the moment I'm taking all the jobs that come my way.

I've been playing around with ideas for my logo, i decided not to use my name for the freelance, but a pseudonym, Mallmus -- I feel the logo is clean, and robust; although perhaps a bit too corporate.

This is the current logo i've decided to use, but i'd like some feedback, suggestions and criticism:

This is what i call the Mallmus Wheel:

And these are other ideas that i played around with, but i decided were not right:

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Hi Mallmus, how are you?

First off I think you need to explain what image you want to project of yourself, then a feeling of typeface and mark may present itself from there. What does this wheel symbolise?

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Thanks for the good questions :-)

> First off I think you need to explain what image you want to project of yourself

When i came up my first attempt:

I was really going for this fun approach, at the time i was working with a friend but she unfortunately quit :'( the idea was a fun easy-going company that small local bands could approach for their printing and web needs -- I felt this version looked too much like a sun; so i progressed it further into what i have now -- Thoughts?

> What does this wheel symbolise?

I wanted the wheel to symbolize two things, 1) a speaker or perhaps a drum, my long term goal is to specialize and focus on the music scene, and i thought having something which (i hope) looks related to that would be good. 2) overall the wheel, i feel, appears complete and clean, appealing -- Thoughts?

> then a feeling of typeface and mark may present itself from there.

What does everybody thing of the typeface i decided to use -- to me it has a 'stage-show' feel to it...

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I find Revue has a dated appearance, then again maybe it is time to revive it like Avant Garde (although this doesn't have the same potential use). The AD ligature is a bit cramped you might want to increase the space between the lines and try to make a smoother transition. The wheel motif reminded me more of a tape sprocket (after I read of your interest in design for musicians), initially I was thinking of automotive design.
I think you have the basis of a logo but need development to both elements.

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Your original symbol does resemble an old tape or film sprocket, but until tim mentioned it, I couldn't guess what it was. I just had a feeling that I'd seen it before. You don't want to be too obvious but you don't want people scratching their heads forever trying to figure your logo out. I actually thought it resembled a steering wheel.

That said, I think the difference in line weight between the outer ring and the inner spokes is too much. They don't have to be the same weight, but right now there is too much contrast and I fear you'll lose the inner detail at smaller sizes.

It's an okay concept, but I agree with tim about the typeface and the ligature. Nail down your logo before trying to find a typeface.

As for the other concepts, they don't work.

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Mallmus, the typeface you've chosen looks dated to me. That may be because I'm old enough that it has a historical reference that you may not have. Anyway, style is a tricky thing, and certain typefaces are brought around again in a fresh new way, but this isn't pushing it enough to me. I would really explore some other type options, and think about your "ideal" clients and what will connect with them. If you want to do a lot of work with local bands you have a lot more creative latitude to be more expressive, maybe even have a series of logos. Remember bands are always looking for something that will make them look "cool."

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