Display faces from the 1930's 1940's

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Any body know some Display faces from the 1930's 1940's

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Yes... but what are you looking for in particular?

That's like saying, "Do you know any recipes from France?"

Here's a link to one of many image databases that contain visuals of many period posters, ads and publications.
AHDS Visual Arts

Just type in what you are looking for, and if you find a poster with a face you like and can't identify it... post it in the Type ID section.

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I can recommend For the record -- the Life and Work of Alex Steinweiss. His work really has a beautiful, definitive period flavour.

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Well it's not really a font ID question.
its more a general question about what display faces
where used a lot during that period.

but here is some exaples.

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thats strange those 3 last images are not mine????

and thanks all for the suggestions


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SF: That happens if you upload an image with the same name as an image already in the database. Rename your file to something more unique and re-upload it! :-D

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I'm actually working on a typeface with a very '30s / '40s look... here's a preview for everyone. It's almost done, with a small caps weight, a lower case, and many, many alternates and OpenType features. I'm currently trying to get retail distribution for it...

end shameless self-promotion.

"Wishers and woulders be small householders."
—Wynkyn de Worde

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hay jay thats a nice face.

here is the other example i had.

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Anyone point me to some fonts from the 20s 30's 40s?

thank you

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Try searching "twenties", "thirties", or "forties" on MyFonts.com.

I would also suggest checking out Tashen's All American Ads book series. They have a volume each for the 20s through the 80s. It's a great resource for period styles.

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That last example (FEATHERS) is sort of like Carlton, a digital revival of Ehmcke Antiqua. Ehmcke Antiqua seems to have been used in late Art Nouveau Germany, and then in 1930s England.

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Since you are looking mainly at films most of these were hand lettered, but for similar you could look at Nicksfonts and a style widely used in 40's British films (and books) Albertus.

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Great comments! Thank you all. I'm mainly looking at fiml fonts. I figured most are handlettered But i would think a lot of them have been recreated. Dan thanks for pointing me to Carlton.

and if any one else has some more fonts from that period please share.
I did search Linotype 20's 30's 40's and found some good one.

also here is more examples.

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A lot of their charm, I think, is that they weren't intended to be a font so the letters only had to work with their neighbours and if they didn't they could be adjusted.

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