"Visage" geometric sans logo

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I've been leafing through SO many type manuals & web-sites
to find a name for this typeface this is... any ideas?


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It's similar to Handel, but it's not Handel. Looks a little freeware-ish to me...

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It's not Handel... Look at the cap A...
That was one of my first guesses too though.

No freeware here... the logotype is 40+ year old

Possibly an original design??
The search continues...

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This could very well be a custom design.

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40+ years old. Wow. Could be a phototype then.

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I think the large banner is misleading the i.d'ers into i.d'ing that.
Kind of has elements of Horatio.

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Sorry, here is what I saw:

I assumed the attached file was the same since the file name was the same. (Are we all seeing the same image here?)

As for the one it the link ("VISAGE"), it looks like something from the early seventies, but I don't see it in any of my usual references (old phototype and rub-down type catalogs). There are things that are sort of similar, but nothing that matches. Could be custom.

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Not a perfect match, but a similar feel and might be a good starting point if you have to recreate it. Metal Spagetti 2000 font by Graham Meade, which can be found here.


Metal Spagetti:

All the best


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Thanks for the help guys!

Since posting this I've seen a few faces that
are very similar but no exact matches yet.
I've been in contact with the company (Visage)
& they are going to try to find out as well.
Hopefully that will help identify the face.
I'll post it as soon as I get more info.

Travis L.

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Mark Im not sure what happened on the upload
but that's not the image I intended to post.

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