Sexiest letter revisited

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A couple of months ago, there was a thread discussing which was the sexiest letter, which presupposed a context of the Latin script. This thread is now buried in the archives, but I would like to revive it solely for the purpose of pointing out that there are no sexy letters in the Latin script. At least, not compared to these sinuous, copulating beauties from the Buginese, or Lontara, script.

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That's pretty sexy.

OK, what's the sexiest writing system?
And is a writing system sexier if you can't read it?


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The problem with symbols you don't know what they mean can best be illustrated by this story. I was given a jacket with an embrorded Dragon on it. I work in Manhattan, NY. I was comuting at the time to CT and on the train a business man who did alot of traveling to the far east asked me if I knew what the Dragon symbol ment. I told him I didn't. He told me it was a symbol of a gang and if I went into the wrong part of town I could get shot. I stopped wearing that jacket to work.

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OK, forget sexy, what's the writing system that most reminds of soft-drink logos?


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no [comma, pause] ambiguity makes it sexier, because we have to take the shapes shown to us and imagine what they mean.

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