(x) Stanley Kubrick Archives geometric sans - ITC Avant Garde Gothic w/ Alt. {Magnus R}

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Need help, what's the font used for Stanley All caps?? :-)

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Avant Garde

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What about the A, T, V...?
ITC avant garde??

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They're the alternate characters which you can get from here:


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One thing that boggles my ming is why they chose to use Avant Garde? It's common knowledge that Kubrick was a Futura man.

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I went to see the Kubrik exhibition that book was a product of. The display typography was nonsense. I asked the organisers what the deal was with the all fonts they used that were anything but the fonts featured in Stanley Kubrik's films. They had no idea what I was talking about.

The answer is, whoever designed that book had no idea either and did no research for the design.

Kubrik used Futura for the titles of 2001. What other Kubrik films used Futura?
I guess "Kubrick was a Futura man" is a pun :^)

j a m e s

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I don't think he used it all that much in his films, but there was an interview with his assistant a while back in The Guardian who said that Futura Extra Bold was Kubrick's favorite typeface.


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I just remembered that article Mark mentioned. He did use Futura Extra Bold in Eyes Wide Shut title sequence, but I'm not sure if the titles were done before or after his death.

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> One thing that boggles my mind is why they chose to use Avant Garde? It’s common knowledge that Kubrick was a Futura man.

Hehe, even before opening the thread I was thinking: "This'll definitely be Futura". Surprise surprise.

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In the Stanley Kubrick DVD Collection set (R4), All the DVD covers had all case spine titles and most front cover titles set in Futura Extra Bold. This input probably came from the designer, or suppose it was at the suggestion from some of Kubrick's former assistants or colleagues alike. As he had passed on before the release of this DVD set.

But somehow, Futura just seems appropriate, as 2001 was really his masterwork.

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cool. thanks guys.. can you help me identify though this font ?
www.fornasetti.com ?

is it Bodoni? sorry..

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