(x) Brazilian NOVA magazine cover type - Nubian {Yves}

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What's the typeface used for the headlines "corpo perfeito", "sexy", etc?

Thank you!

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It might be overused in the UK, but I still think this is one tasty type family. Totally yummy...

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Merci, Yves!
It's not used at all here. And it's indeed very nice. When I saw it I was surprised because the feel is much like what I have in mind for a type project that should show up in the Critique section sometime this year.

Thanks again :)

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You are very welcome, Gabriel. :^)

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Could that be a custom weight that's used on the magazine? I don't see it on the Veer website. Looks like a black, or ultra weight...

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Possibly. Maybe Nick chimes in to clarify this.

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I'm surprised no-one's said it... that girl is hot.

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Certainly true.

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If I could walk around with Photoshop filters applied I'd be hot too!

Sorry. I'll slip away now and let you back to your laciviousness.

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Very right, Tiff. I'd rather have a real woman.


Hey, I actually have one! :-)

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I’m surprised no-one’s said it… that girl is hot.

Girl? Oh, look, a girl! I didn't realize there was anything but type on that cover. :D

Could that be a custom weight that’s used on the magazine? I don’t see it on the Veer website. Looks like a black, or ultra weight…

I know someone who knows someone who works in the magazine... I'll try to find out.

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Yes, that is a weight of Nubian I didn't do. I don't know who did, but I do know that only Brazilian Cosmo use it (thankfully). I can't say I'm entirely happy with the look of it.

But sometimes one designs a typeface and releases it, then it's in use in some ad campaign or other, and you think 'OH MY GOD! - Did I do THAT?' (I'm talking about Ryanair/Houschka.)

It might be overused in the UK - Huh? Where? I've hardly seen it anywhere.
But talking of overuse - Has anyone seen Brazilian Cosmo - it's the only typeface in the whole magazine. Too much!

Thanks for the praise Yves!

Nick Cooke

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> It might be overused in the UK - Huh? Where?

Don't ask me, I live in Belgium! :^D A Brit once told me, when I was considering using it for some job I don't remember. I should've known you can never trust those islanders... :^P

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> Yes, that is a weight of Nubian I didn’t do.

BTW Is that allowed by your EULA? I think I'd be kinda cross if someone added extra weights to a design of mine (in the highly improbable case I'd have designed a typeface of course).

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> Yes, that is a weight of Nubian I didn’t do.
Not a Corpo Perfeito then?

you can never trust those islanders
Perfidious Albion :)

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Thanks for chiming in Nick. You do great work. Maybe you should approach them about reworking the types for them?

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Thanks Chris.

I think I will not approach them, as I don't really like going over old ground.
Having said that, I was working on adapted versions of one of my typefaces for nearly a year, and it can get ever so slightly tedious after a few months.

But I've so much NEW stuff that I never get to finish off anyway, fortunately I'm in the position of usually having too much work, so it looks like it will be ages before I shall be able to release any of my own new stuff.

Also I have a strict policy of no evening or weekend work as I want to relax occasionally too! (nor do I want to go blind staring at a screen 24/7).

Nick Cooke

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Makes sense Nick, not going over the old ground. I've been wanting to implement a no evenings/weekends policy myself, but haven't been able to do it yet. As far as your new stuff goes I understand. I've been wanting to design a typeface for ages, and I've got probably 50 pages of sketches and ideas, but my graphic design work is paying the bills, so it has to wait I guess...

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