Rapture : ready for the chop block

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Rapture is my first font development and I am really excited about it.
Please let me know what you think, and any other helpful tips I could use.

Many Thanks!

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You want the top left of the A smooth without extra points. U, V, are the same. The horizontal strokes in A, E, F, H, Z, 3, 5, are too light for me.

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The A seems OK to me except the thin horizontal bar.

The distinction between U and V should be sufficient since it is a display face. I would put the round corner of the V to the right and the angular one to the left, however.

The lower right bulb/serif at the E could become a lot shorter as it is a situation different to the C. Ever thought of making the E based on the G with the bulb on top? The middle stroke should be longer. It is too short and your font is already witty enough so I wuold not try to add even more original details.

I would remove the rounding where the two strokes of the T meet. Same for the central stem of the M, it does not match the principles of the typeface.

The middle stroke of the 3 should not be so additive, you should consider a solution like in the W.

Maybe M and W are a bit too narrow.

Anyway, well done so far!

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Thank you so much Tim and Alessandro.
All of your comments were very helpful.
I am going back to work!

< J o s e p h >

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I have gone back and made more changes to my typeface.
I smoothed out alot of the curves and I also thickened up a lot of
the horizontal bars. That definetly made it feel better on paper.
I also added an alt version with no desending serifs. Also please
excuse the spacing on some of the letters. I forgot to
do that last night.
Let me know what you think.

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