God Forbid band font

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I was wondering if there is a font for this (probably something edited since it seems to be on ALL their merch.) here's the link ^_^ http://www.godforbid1.com/ and here is just the image http://www.godforbid1.com/images_COT_main/gf_SITE05menu_TOP.jpg

thanks in advance!


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Well, the two different "o"s indicate that there a high probability this logo was custom designed, so all we'll be able to do is point you to similar stuff.

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similar is fine!

I'm mostly interested in the "G" :)

though I thought different ones could possibly be an uppercase and a lowercase version of the same letter.

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Bumrush has potential, if you're prepared to rework it in Illy.

;^) take care
j a m e s

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