Olympic Games visual identity

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Hi, everybody!!!

This is Panos Koutsodimitropoulos. On 2002, I did my MA on 'Olympic Sport Pictograms' and ever since then I try to collect as mush info as I can regarding all the visual elements of Olympic Games. My aim is to create an educational web site, in which there will be all the info for 'Olympic Games visual identity'. Everything that is related to Olympic Games' visual elements and you happen to know or heard about it may be very valuable to my research.

The final web site will present for every modern Olympiad the following:

a) the basic visual elements

  • Emblems (bid, main, secondary ones for: environment, culture, volunteerism, torch relay)
  • Mascots (in sport action, variations)
  • Sports and information pictograms
  • Pattern (in http://www.athens2004.com is called 'secondary graphics' and in http://www.torino2006.org is called 'Look of the Games')
  • Typography
  • Colours

b) design applications, such as:

  • Wayfinding
  • Posters
  • Medal
  • Torch
  • Web site
  • Print items

So, any help is welcomed. You could help me by giving me reference for: an article that you have read concerning Olympic Games visual identity, a book that contains similar data, digital files and anything you may think off. If you want to send me digital files, please use my e-mail: pkoutsod@gmail.com.

Thanks is advance. The project will be done inside 2006. So, stay tuned!!!


Panos Koutsodimitropoulos

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Communication Arts has a six-page article on the branding of the olympic games in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue (Vol. 47, No. 8).

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Lance Wyman has some material on his website.


I also had two magazines with some information on México 68, but someone stole one from me in a school's radio proram.

If you want I can scan you a couple of pages


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Oh my goodness! These mascots are on

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Hi Héctor*,

It would be great if you could send me this article!!!

*Does Héctor comes from ancient greek name Ektoras?

:-) Panos

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Thanks a lot tcdent! I will get a copy!

:-) Panos

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I work for a design agency that designed some recent identity for the olympic games, have a look on www.whitestone.ac there is some stuff on there.

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Howie, thanks a lot!

Great work, you guys are doing!!!

:-) Panos

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On a typographic note, the Torino Games uses Ray Larabie's Neuropol for its main logo.

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Thanks, Nick!

For anyone whos is interested for Torino 2006' deisgn elements, check: http://www.torino2006.org/ENG/OlympicGames/spirito_olimpico/identita_imm.... Unfortunately, once again there is no reference for typography.

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John, wow - typographic mascots:
A Univers "i" and a Gill "i" Graeco-Roman wrestling.


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Hi Panos,

i just sent you some scans of an article about the design of the summergames 72 in munich. The design was done by Otl Aicher. Hope it will help although it is in german.


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Hi, Daniel!

Thanks a lot for the article. Very valuable! I will try to translate it in english (for reading it) using an online service.

The project that I work for will be actually an online encyclopedia for visual-corporate identity of Olympic Games, in which everyone will be able to participate by sharing resources...

As I understand you also admire Aicher's work. I have read and suggest the following:

- Official Olympic report for Munich '72 Olympic Games, Vol. 1 (read chapter: 18. Visual Design): http://www.aafla.org/6oic/OfficialReports/1972/1972s1.pdf (44 MB)
- Design, sport and culture, colour consciousness, Olympic Games Munich 1972, Author: AICHER Otl (FRG): http://www.ioa.org.gr/books/sessions/1986/1986_163.pdf (7 MB)

:-) Panos

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BTW, have you guys noticed what's on
the Russian outfits? A hedera pattern!!
How cool is that.


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>the Torino Games uses Ray Larabie’s Neuropol for its main logo.

Another gold for Canada!


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I saw this a couple months ago:


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What MA course are you doing? Interesting subject.

Ellada edo! Kai ego Master sto Londino. Pos paei?

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'Whoisdan', thank you so much! I have already visited this web site! Very valuable resource not only for Olympic posters but for posters in general. ASAP, I will post here "my" bibliography for Olympic Games visual identity!

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Kalimera, 'Vassilis'!

Good luck with your Master.
My MA:
2002, Derby University (in association with Vakalo School of Art and Design) - Programme: MA Design (Visual Communication and Interactive Media) - Theme of personal project: "Olympic sport pictograms" (ASAP, I will post here sample of it).

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Linkie on Torino TV animation - http://www.thecampuschronicle.com/features/articles/060303b.cfm

And off-topic - the Olympic Anthem - http://www.newhousenews.com/archive/story1b021802.html (via SpeakUp)


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http://olympic-museum.de/ was very very useful for my studies on olympic pictograms.

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