(x) tech sans used in GEE Magazine - Regular {Dav}

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Hi everybody,

I'm looking for the font used in the current German GEE Magazine. The font was changed recently.

The closest I've come so far is ITC Conduit, but there are still quite a few differences.

Thanks in advance!

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Lets see, its, well, too 'unnice' to be from Lineto, so it may well be released by Die Gestalten :) ( Hah, I guess I was right :)

'Regular', by Nik Thoenen


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Wow, that was... fast :)


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First I've seen of Die Gestalten, formlos. How did you find them? They have a few questionable fonts like the really bad Radio copy, Pemba.

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Yea, I think Yves and I mentioned these before ( 'Blender' VS 'Gridnik', 'Pemba' VS 'Radio', 'Hannover Millennial' VS 'Bell Centennial' ), thats also why I posted my little remark about the 'niceness' of the typeface, in relation to the 'inspiration' by Lineto

( 'Die Gestalten' is a pretty famous publisher of design books over here, especially in Germany, and they sure have to have their own type foundry division, as well :)


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Funny, I just made a brief Die Gestalten Verlag wiki entry post yesterday. I must say I'm not the biggest fan of their fonts. I don't know how that came about. But they do make great books… House Industries' 10-year retrospective is from them, isn't it?

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Die Gestalten clearly states that Blender was inspired by a design by Wim Crowel, which also happens to be the same source of inspiration as The Foundry's Gridnik. I actually like Blender, it's more subtle, but I can see a little too much of Radio in Pemba. I'm attaching a comparison of Gridnik (in black) vs Blender (in gray). They are definitely very similar.

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