WANTED: printed copies of "corporate" fonts

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One group of fonts I've always found fascinating is fonts used exclusively by a single corporation as part of their "corporate identity" programs. There are a number of such fonts for which I'm trying to find good quality printed copies.

Currently, I have a printed copy of the official logo font of IBM (without the stripes). The main ones I'm looking for are the following:

*GTE (1971-2000 logo):
--Squarish font resembling lettering on a CRT screen. Used mostly during the 70's in division names, such as:
----Sylvania (also used in newspaper ads for Sylvania TV sets, sometimes even on the sets themselves)
----Automatic Electric (Laboratories)
----General Telephone Directory Company
----General Telephone Company of (xxx)

*3M (1961-78 "Mondrian" logo by Gerald Stahl)
--Font colloquially referred to as "Plumber's Gothic". Comes in upper and lower case with numerals. Bears a very strong resemblance to the Georg Trump font "City".

*Fisher Price (1971-)
--Serif font derived from the turn-of-the-century ATF newspaper font "Schoeffer". UC/lc, numerals, most punctuation.

*CBS Sports (1981-)
--Franklin Gothic Italic, with block serifs added. Currently can be seen in the NCAA logo.

Would anyone happen to have any of these companies' CI manuals? Or know of a way I could get my hands on them?

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I'd say they're probably derived from typefaces, but modified when drawn by hand for the specific logo in question.

I know for a fact that's how Doyald Young created the Prudential logo: he did the lettering based off a condensed version of Century Schoolbook (I think) and made customizations where he saw fit.

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Annual Reports might be your best bet - not sure if you can get them through your library, but requesting them through the company's investor relations will likely work.

Also Ebay - http://cgi.ebay.com/Lockheed-Annual-Report-1966-Aviation-RARE_W0QQitemZ6...

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Well, I found an extremely good copy of one of the aforementioned fonts: "Plumber's Gothic" from Harold's Fonts. All the characters look exactly as I remember them.

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