(x) Escape From New York movie logo - (similar to) Checkmate {Mike F}

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Anybody recognize this one?

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Hmm, I think we had this before, on Typophile
'Gamer', by Rebecca Alaccari, may be an alternate


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The typeface used above - and which Alaccari was (apparently unknowingly) reproducing - was called, predigitally, Checkmate. The only digital version I'm aware of is called Chisel. It was put out by WSI - a company which would sell packages of cloned fonts to software makers to bundle with their products.

Gamer seems to be very close to Checkmate except that the corners have larger bevels. Those corners appear rounded in your image above. I don't know if there was a version that had rounded corners or if, as I suspect, the medium used blurred those corners.

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Thanks for the feedback! That helps quite a bit.

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