Mexican restaurant logotype suggestions

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Hi folks,

I'm working on a logotype for a new restaurant in Portola Valley called Amigos Grill. It will be a high-end taqueria with a modern, warm atmosphere that feels Mexican but doesn't overdo it on the Mexican kitsch. I have a basic idea of what I want for the logotype, but can't find a face that fits. I've scoured FontShop, but can't find the right face. I'm thinking of a bold display font, that feels a bit like a script font (meaning it has some subtle cursive elements, but also has a blocky Western feel. It should feel modern with a hint of retro. I'm thinking of adding a hard drop shadow for dimension and perhaps some ornamentation, kinda like Mexican papel picado. Here's a sketch of what I had in mind. Does anyone out there have any suggestions of what face might be appropriate? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Juan

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'Futura Script' may be my very first suggestion

'Coquette', by Mark Simonson
'Geetype', by Nick Cooke
'Kari' + 'Juicy', by Neil Summerour

( There previously was a fabulous thread, on the 'old' Typophile, which featured 'our' favourite 'Fat Scripts', I am still seeking that one )


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Your sketch reminds me a lot of Salut. You'll want to do some curve tweaking (esp to the G):

Or Einhorn:

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I'll have to look for that Fat Scripts thread. That's exactly what I'm looking for.

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Or you could stick to the approach in your drawing. You could try:

Blockhead from Emigre. Not a script, but your drawing reminded me of it.

or Dogma Black

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I was going to suggest Dogma Script actually, great minds.

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:^D Indeed!

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August Black (or Black Alt) or Juicy Black (or Black Italic)?

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Very nice suggestions -- especially Juicy, GeeType and August are quite unexpected but totally on mark. And Blockhead is such a refreshing alternative.

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here's Pintor by Carlos Segura

…not scripty, but perhaps there's a tie in?

here's a script though:

Mousse Script by Alejandro Paul.


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