Please, critique my new font: "Lula"

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You can check my new font at:

(do not click the link, just copy the URL and paste it in the browser)

Any critique will be welcome.


Ramiro Espinoza.

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It's lovely. I like the way you've used a consistent set of techniques in a loose, organic way.

The only characters I'm not crazy about are the lower case t and the upper case V. I think the t needs a stronger (wider? thicker?) crossbar, positioned closer to the x-height. And the V is too straightforward -- it would benefit from a curved terminal.

Nice work!

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Hey, pretty nice.
A little bit of Licko in there (Dogma, plus some Tarzana in the lc), but still very original and workable. You've made some interesting choices, but most of them work for me. Some of the caps need taming (like the "G"), but the [more important] lc seems to have great balance, overall. (And I agree with Marc's views.)

BTW, I think you need a lighter weight (or two). And the numerals are nice.

Oh, and nice quote too! ;-)


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I'd agree with Marc. Lovely. I'd buy something like this. Great work.


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This *is* nice. -- Yeah. Both characters mentioned by Marc do need a little something extra. And I also agree with Hrant, this would definitely be something I would want in more weights, heavier and lighter. Are you going to try for an italic?

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Ramiro --

I agree, this is nice. (Funny, I've got a sketch in a drawer somewhere with some similar concepts.) You've done a nice job with it. I agree with most of the specific character comments -- the t, V, G.

In addition, I think the S and s could benefit from a less rigid, less steep spine. Your capital X could be a little wider and less clotted in the center (the lc x, also, to a lesser extent). The lc z might like to be a little wider as well. I'm not crazy about that bump in the O and o; it interrupts the counter and looks like a glitch. The ear on the lc r could maybe be a little more pronounced.

But there are some really nice things going on here. Keep it up.

-- K.

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Thanks a lot to:
Marc, Hrant, Kent, BjHarvey and Tiffany.
Your comments were very useful.


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