(x) Tristan & Isolde movie logo - Franklin Gothic {Patricia}

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hi guys+girls

any chance of a helping hand with id'ing this typeface. i was heading towards akzidenz grotesk super... but.. didn't get there...

thanks in advance

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A sample would, you know, help.

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It's Franklin Gothic Heavy I think.

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Franklin Gothic of some kind, I venture.

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Patty is right, I just finished a layout using that typeface here at work and it matches up!

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pretty embarrasing not recognising franklin gothic... thank you all for your help

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WTH! What does Franklin Gothic have to do with this story? Sheesh. Talk about mis-cast.

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Wagner would cringe. Some stories call for blackletter, eh Tiff?


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Or a nice uncial. At least!!!

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Franklin Gothic & other bold sans (Brokeback Mountain, Firewall, Syriana) seem to be vying with Trajan as font du jour on the movie posters these days, altho Trajan is putting up a good fight (Geisha, Tristram Shandy, Final Destination).

That said, I agree it's all wrong for Tristan & Isolde.

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