Indesign to Illustrator 10 translation -- How?!?!

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Ok, so this may be a dumb question, but alas, here goes.

I designing a logo type, it utilizes extended characters (ones I am accessing through the glyph pallette in Indesign), I want to tweak and customize the logotype vectors (through the use of Illustrator), but when trying to paste these character in Illustrator (version 10) I get the all to lovely "box". It won't let me paste these characters. How do I get around this? (hopefully this is fixed in the new CS version, but I'm not counting on anything.)

I do have access to Freehand, will I experience this here as well?

How do I work around this? Help! :-)


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Kyle, you can convert fonts to outlines in InDesign and copy those and paste them into Illustrator.

You can make a text box and select the box and go cmd+shift+O (Mac) ctrl+shift O (o not zero) and get the type as outlines. You can select the text within a box and do the same command and get the text as outlines with the bounding box intact.

You can do some manipulation in InDesign. If you convert the text to outlines then you can use the pen tool and the tools under it just like in Illustrator.

I can't think of another way to get the letter into Illustrator.

If you're on Mac OS X:
You can try doing a copy or drag and drop from the Mac OS X character palette (not the Key Caps application). Open System Preferences > International > Input Methods Tab > Check Character Palette. Icon will appear in menu bar.

Extended character support is supposed to get better with Illustrator CS and its new Unicode text engine. See Thomas Phinney's comments in about half way down the page.

Hope I haven't misunderstood and I hope this helps.


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Darn, double post...

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